A comprehensive set of services to meet your engineering and/or production needs:

Industrial design

With over 20 years of experience in mechanical design for mass production, ANW Design produces practicable and manufacturable product designs.

Turn-key project management

Help bring your idea/project to life, from design to production. With many years experience in project management of turn key projects, we can help with your manufacturing or product development needs.


Through good working relationships with Chinese manufacturers, ANW Design can facilitate your manufacturing or production outsourcing needs.

Industrial Design

Practical and manufacturable product designs

Product designs must be suitable for mass production. Moreover, the nuances of your design must be communicated to manufacturers to make sure you get the right features at the right price.

Our design service is suited for those with:

  • an idea but not a design,
  • a partial design that needs to be completed,
  • a design that doesn't work, needing to be fixed,
  • a design that needs to be modified to suit a production run.
  • Manufacturing and Production Consultation

    Taking a project from start to finish

    Preparing your product for tooling, pre-production, and/or production runs requires expertise in manufacturing processes and someone who is able to translate the technicalities of your design to your manufacturers.

    This service is suited for those with:

  • Needs to source a manufacturer,
  • A review of the prototype to ensure its suitability for mass production,
  • A working prototype but no method of production,
  • A working prototype that needs to be put in pre-production for a tooling run,
  • The need for a preliminary production run,
  • The need for a full production run.
  • Outsourcing

    Sourcing affordable and reliable Chinese factories to produce your design

    Outsourcing your production needs to China can help your margins significantly, without sacrificing quality.

    ANWDesign has good, pre-existing, long-term relationships with Chinese factories. With NAATI-accredited Chinese/English translator certification, and the technical knowledge of years of experience as a mechanical engineer, we can communicate the nuances of your design to manufacturers. By overcoming these language and technical barriers, we can improve production quality and business relationships.

    Our partners are:

  • Reliable
  • Bound by NDA to protect your IP
  • This service is suited for those with:

  • Have difficulty sourcing Chinese manufacturers,
  • Are concerned with the difficulties of overcoming the language barrier
  • Are concerned with the difficulties of ensuring the nuances of your design are known and producable.